Anterior Approach Total Hip Replacement

Minimally invasive hip replacement is more than just a shorter incision. 

Anterior Approach Total Hip Replacement allows minimal disruption to muscle and tendon, making the surgery less traumatic for patients.  This approach also reduces hospital stays, recovery time, and there are minimal hip precautions immediately after surgery.

The typical incision is about four inches long on the front of the hip, this could vary based on the patient’s size.  The smaller incision is adequate for implanting the artificial hip parts to relieve arthritis pain.  Almost all patients are candidates for this procedure.  The anterior approach goes between muscles to expose the hip joint which leaves your muscles attached to the femur. Other approaches to the hip either need to split or cut muscles and tendons during surgery.

Recovery after Anterior Approach Hip Replacement 

The surgeons at Woods Mill Orthopedics believe in a surgical approach for every patient that will minimize recovery time and get patients back to an active lifestyle as quickly as possible.  The Anterior Approach Total Hip Replacement is just one these approaches.

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